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Hi everyone :)! If you want to collaborate in some way with "Gospel For Asia" , you can support this ministry with your prayers. 

"...pray for each other. Anyone who lives the way God wants can pray, and great things will happen." -James 5:16
Thanks for your support. 

Man Attacks Women Missionaries in Marketplace
For more information just click here: Man attacks women missionaries

Thousand of people lost their homes in Nepal with floods .
Please pray for:
  • Cleared roads for Compassion Services teams to make their ways to affected areas.
  • Waters to recede and sunny weather.
  • Safety for our teams and for everyone in the flooded area.
  • Victims of this flooding to know God's love during this time

Compassion Services Team Reaches One of Worst-Hit Areas
Please pray for: 
  • Clear, fixed roads so the second team can reach its final destination.
  • Enough supplies and easy access for every family in need.
  • Strength and protection for the teams as they travel and deliver supplies.
  • People to clearly see God's love in our Compassion Services teams.
For more information:

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